Eclipse Chaser Log of bambam Webster

bambam Webster

Nationality: United States
Seen eclipses: 6
Visited countries: 3

Shadow badges

15h 25m
7m 48s


Solar Eclipses of bambam Webster

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Time in moon shadow:15h 25m 59s
Time in central shadow:7m 48s
Time in totality:7m 48s
Time in annularity:-
Longest eclipse:02/26/1998 (3h 6m 43s)
Longest total eclipse:07/11/1991 (5m 10s)
Longest annular eclipse:-
Success rate:100%

Map of reported solar eclipses

List of reported solar eclipses

Solar eclipseSeenLocationMax. coverageTime in moon shadowTime in central shadow
06/10/2021 (annular)7740partialunknown
43.33°, -69.96°
73.4%1h 30m 57s-
02/26/1998 (total)7745partialunknown
3.16°, -79.1°
91%3h 6m 43s-
10/24/1995 (total)7744partialMyanmar
16.97°, 97.03°
99.5%3h 1m 42s-
11/03/1994 (total)7743totalPeru
-17.31°, -72.07°
100%2h 10m 32s2m 38s
07/11/1991 (total)7742totalunknown
23.24°, -111.45°
100%2h 56m 26s5m 10s
03/07/1970 (total)7741partialUnited States
32.55°, -87.19°
88.1%2h 39m 38s-