Eclipse Chaser Log of Daniel Knoche

Daniel Knoche

Nationality: Australia
Seen eclipses: 1
Visited countries: 1

Shadow badges

2h 58m
1m 2s


Solar Eclipses of Daniel Knoche

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Time in moon shadow:2h 58m 5s
Time in central shadow:1m 2s
Time in totality:1m 2s
Time in annularity:-
Longest eclipse:04/20/2023 (2h 58m 5s)
Longest total eclipse:04/20/2023 (1m 3s)
Longest annular eclipse:-
Success rate:100%

Map of reported solar eclipses

List of reported solar eclipses

Solar eclipseSeenLocationMax. coverageTime in moon shadowTime in central shadow
04/20/2023 (hybrid)9251totalAustralia
-21.96°, 114.25°
100%2h 58m 5s1m 3s